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Meet the Principal

I am extremely privileged and excited to be the first principal of Davis Creek Primary School. As an educator for over thirty years, I have a proven track record of inspiring children to discover their passion for learning. I have been an educator both overseas and in Melbourne and Geelong schools and across both the independent and government school sectors. I am currently the Chair of the Education Advisory Board at Deakin University.

I believe that it is important to care for your staff whilst ensuring students are at the centre of everything we do. At Davis Creek we want to inspire your children to question, wonder and inquire into the big questions that focus on children’s innate quest for understanding. We want to support our students to discover their talents, overcome challenges they may face so that they can grow into successful and confident learners. Finally, we aim to nurture our children to develop self-belief, and a thinker’s mindset that empowers them to be energised, engaged and empowered life-long learners.

Our teachers are hardworking, committed and collaborative educators who strive for the best for every student. Together they understand that we are stronger when we collaborate to help our students strive for excellence. High quaility professional learning for our teachers is at the heart of our school. Respectful and positive relationships are at the heart of student engagement and creates an environment for students where they can take risks, make mistakes and feel challenged. We implement many wellbeing strategies and practies to support the social and emotional development of our students.

As your Principal, it is important to me that everyone who steps through our doors; teachers, students, parents are excited to be here! This attitude will help us to meet our goal of striving for excellence for every student through fostering a caring, engaging and nurturing environment. My door is always open and I welcome your contribution to our wonderful school. I truly believe it takes a village to raise a child and we are ‘Stronger Together’. Let us provide a world class International Baccalaureate education focused on improving teaching and  learning in school. An I.B education means we are developing inquiring, knowledgable and caring young people who are ready to participate/contribute to our world.

We believe learning is an active process, ‘Stronger Together’ means everyone learning together.

Mission, Vision & Values


Davis Creek Primary School’s vision is to nurture a creative and collaborative learning environment where teachers and students can;

  • achieve beyond their goals and provide excellence in teaching and learning in a safe and supportive education environment
  • flourish as caring individuals who display compassion and build positive relationships
  • embrace challenges and take principled action, both locally and globally developing international mindedness
  • be engaged, empowered and energised learners who demonstrate a high level of agency
  • develop positive and genuine partnerships with the community.


Davis Creek Primary School’s mission is to develop and support a successful and inclusive environment where all students actively participate in and assume ownership of their learning. Together we create a rigorous instructional program, which promotes globally minded, creative, curious, confident, and reflective lifelong learners.


Davis Creek Primary School’s values are based on the acronym of C.A.R.E.

Curious, Agency, Respect and Excellence
  • We are curious and collaborative learners. We develop the skills to question and wonder to pursue learning that has real-word relevance and impact.
  • We demonstrate agency through developing life-long skills so that we are autonomous, resilient and motivated learners.
  • We demonstrate respect for ourselves, each other and our environment, and understand that our attitudes and behaviours have an impact on people and the environment around us.
  • We strive for excellence, which means taking risks as learners and learning from our mistakes, putting in our best effort and striving to achieve beyond our goals.

Stronger Together

Job Vacancies

We are seeking passionate teachers and leaders who want to work in an internationally focused school developing globally minded students. A modern, progressive and innovative curriculum out West! Visit Recruitment Online search for Davis Creek Primary School and apply today.